Friday, August 15, 2008

Post from Patricia

Well, this my last day here at Doggone Fun and I am sure sad about it. I am leaving for college tomorrow and leaving all your wonderful dogs. I have been working for Pam here a little over a year and now I have to go live in a dormroom with no animals when I have been around at least 10 dogs almost everyday. I am sure I have probably checked you in or out when you have brougut your dogs here to the kennel, and if not I am sure I have taken care of them. I am truely going to miss each and everyone of your dogs, including yours Pam! haha. Nicole Lucente is taking my place here and she is wonderful with the dogs, I know she is going to do a great job with all of your dogs. Thanks for bringing your dogs here and allowing me to have the most fun and wonderful job. Pam, thanks for everything, I am so glad we boarded Copper here and you gave me this amazing job. Good Luck with everything!! I am sure I will be back from time to time, so its not goodbye, its See You Soooon!!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

July Update from Toby Krack

Hi!! my name is Toby and I am a regular here at Doggone Fun Daycare!! I am a golden retriever and full of energy, so my mom and dad send me here for the day and sometimes I even get to stay over night! I come at least once a week and get very cranky when my mom and dad do not bring me here. My friend Velma told me I had to do the blod this month so here I am!!! July has also been verrrry busy, but I was very excitied to get to meet new dogs and see old friends. We even have a new person working here!! Her name is Nicole and she is taking Patricia's place when she goes off to college! I am going to miss Patricia, but Nicole is awesome and very good with us too!! I have taken some pictures throughout July and I am very sorry if your dog stayed here and didnt get his/her picture taken, they were just having too much fun for the camera! Keep checking back with us! and if your dog doesn't come here, you should bring him/her!!!! I LOVE IT!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Post from Velma

Hi, I am Velma. I am Mrs. Pams granddaughter, and yes I am a bulldog. Pam has raised me since I was born. My mom is Pam's daughter Wheezy, also a bulldog. I am only six months old and believe me, I like to have fun, so I love how my grandmother has this wonderful place where all my friends can hang out. I get to meet new dogs almost everyday and see returning dogs whom I have made friends with. The month of June has been a very busy month with all my friends moms & dads going on vacation, but no worries, all my friends have been in great care. I look foward to seeing many new and old friends. I have taken some pictures of how much fun we've been having and put them on a slideshow. hope you enjoy!